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Garrett, Pennsylvania, is the last civilization the trainmen will see for nearly 10 miles, because just west of town the line enters the 1000 foot deep Casselman River Gorge. Only one road enters this valley and it is a rough logging road known only to a few people. Access to the gorge is on foot or along the Rail-trail on the old WM across the river.

Garrett once had a tower to control crossovers, the sidings, helper cut-ins / outs, and the Berlin Branchline which is no longer in service. The tower is gone, but a small shack can still be seen for a switch tender to man when needed.

Westbound Q135 races towards town past an empty hopper train that occupies the siding.
The train rounds the bend as it enters the gorge. On the left a large maintenance gang occupies the vacant lot that was once the junction of the Berlin Branchline. This spur headed north into an adjacent valley to serve mine loadouts and some Berlin, PA industries. In the early 90s I shot video of the final trains to run on the branch. they can be seen in my Into The Allegheny Range Vol. 4 video tapes. In fact, almost everything seen in this photo feature can be seen in those videos.
Cranking up the gorge into Garrett, a widecab leads eastbound Q276 towards Sand Patch on a warm summer day.

This hill calls to me and every other railfan who has ever visited there. It is some kind of magic or mojo in the rails I guess. The friendly people, the echoes off of the hills, the colorful trains, the pretty fall colors or clean snow of the winter,....something makes this mountain a railfan's mecca.

Go there yourself. If you figure it out, let me know.

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