This is the view from above the curve in the farm field. Here we see three shots of a westbound mixed freight and its pushers meeting an eastbound autorack train at the apex of the horse shoe curve. This series was photographed in the last 10 minutes of sunlight in October of '97
The farmer who owns the property inside the curve, waits on his ATV for the trains to clear the crossing. This public road provides the easiest access to the curve.
Earlier on that same late October afternoon, we caught a trio of SD50s leading an eastbound past the old shack at the Mance crossing. What a great weekend home this building would make for a railfan!
Two and a half feet of snow dropped overnight, while a friend and I camped in the trees along the curve, on a Winter trip a few years back. When we awoke, I shot this helper, pushing autoracks toward the summit.
Afterwards, getting my friend's truck out to the crossing proved to be a nightmare, when his 4 wheel drive failed. Good thing my truck has high clearance and a lot of power. Not only did I tow him out, but I plowed through snow as deep as my hood!
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