Salisbury Junction
At the junction, just west of Meyersdale, a rickety branch drops off the main to serve the tipple at the Action Mine, a couple miles to the south.
In these scenes, an 80 car empty coal train arrives on the main then backs down onto the branch to head for the mine. CSX has kept a caboose on hand here at Salisbury Jct. for these reverse moves. The conductor keeps a lookout as the train creeps down the light rail of this long spur. Historically, this branch was once a much longer piece of track, operated by an independent railroad, using B&O equipment. The Casselman Railroad ceased operations many decades ago.
The next shot (below) was taken a day later after the train was loaded. To see the shots of the train on the branch before it arrived back here to Salisbury Jct., click to the Branch and Mine pages NOW.
The first half mile of the Salisbury branch coming off of the main drops down a 2% grade to run along the Casselman River to the mine. For a loaded train returning from the tipple, this means that the engineer must carefully crank the power up to full throttle to get the train up and onto the main over the old, light rail.

Most loaded trains that come from the Salisbury Branch end up heading east over Sand Patch to descend to Cumberland, and east. To do this from the westward entering spur, trains climb onto the main and drop westward to a point called Yoder, where they enter a long siding towards Garrett, PA. The power can then run around the train and re-couple to depart eastward for the tough climb to the summit. Often CSX will dispatch additional power as well as a helper set to get trains from the branch to Garrett and then over and down to Cumberland. For our train CSX sent three more units for the head end, and would later get helpers to push the drag up the hill.

On the following day, our coal drag has arrived to Salisbury Junction and is in "notch 8", with three additional engines, to pull the 80 loaded hoppers off the branch.
On the Viaduct page, you can see this drag as it enters the main westward, and heads down towards Garrett, PA.
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