Salisbury Branch
Descending the grade from the junction, the caboose approaches the bridge over the Casselman River near Meyersdale. The conductor continues to monitor the train's progress as it backs down the old spur towards the loadout.
Passing milepost one, the train has bottomed the grade down from the main, to the river's valley floor. Tight curves and light rail are the only concern from here to the mine. The fully loaded train will have more to worry about tomorrow, on the rickety track and this steep climb returning to the main.
In sequence the next shot taken with this train is at the Action Mine loadout a couple miles to the south. To see the next shot in order, click to the Mine page NOW.
The following day, we see six locomotives as they just begin the climb up to the main from the Casselman River bottomland. Just after passing milepost one we see the train rounding the curve to cross the river, with 80 loaded hoppers in tow. Within a half mile the engines will be in "Run 8" pulling the drag up the 2% grade to the mainline at Salisbury Junction.
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