In the western panhandle region of Nebraska lies the formidable Pine Ridge. The escarpment runs for hundreds of miles like a giant step in the land. One of BNSF's primary coal routes from Wyoming's Powder River Basin climbs over the ridge at Crawford. The substantial grade boasts 3 horse shoe curves, great scenery, generally good weather and tons of trains!
Here we see two eastbounds as they slave up the steep grade through the rock cuts at White Clay Curve on Crawford Hill. This line sees a nonstop stream of trains that is made up primarily of coal trains and some manifest and intermodal trains plus the helper sets that shove trains over the 13 mile grade. The grade has been captured for your viewing in Iron Horse America's Crawford Hill feature. A sequel to this fine tape is in the works.

I love to visit here, but I bring plenty of water to wash up with and drink because the area is one of the dustiest places on earth.