Both the B&O and WM served Meyersdale, and stations along each line still stand. CSX maintenance forces still use this station but Amtrak does not stop here. This is a westbound helper set dropping down grade into town.
Meyersdale, Pennsylvania is a small mountain town in western PA that is famous for two things: the Maple Festival and that it is a railfan town where photos can be taken and motels, gas, and food can be found. Yoder's B&B is very nice in winter if you are not into camping, and Donge's is a dive but it is cheap. Sheetz gas and convenience store is in town and in my opinion they make the best subs around, if you are careful how you order. US Highway 219 is also accessed near town as is access to the Action Mine, an active coal mine served occasionally by CSX. (See the pictures later in this article.) The station an overpass and a narrow, but deep, rocky "box cut" provide good photo opportunities.
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