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West of Salisbury viaduct the mainline swings westward again as it joins the Casselman river. From here the tracks will stay by the river (with the exception of Pinkerton Tunnel,) until Brook Tunnel 30 miles to the west. After Brook the main will drop downgrade to join the Youghiogheny river until it is almost to Pittsburgh.

From high atop the WM viaduct we see an eastbound mixed as it starts up the grade away from the Casselman River. The train is short and only needed one engine out of Pittsburgh, but for the grades of Sand Patch, Connellsville sent the train east with a single pusher on the tail.

Another eastbound is seen as it pulls away from the Cassellman. This entire area has since changed its appearance. US highway 219, seen in the foreground here, was completely rebuilt to interstate standards in the area near Meyersdale, to bypass the congestion of the town's narrow streets. This was probably a fatal error for the townspeople to have voted for, considering the amount of revenue that passers-through brought to the town. Today the 219 lanes pass over the main where the grade crossing is seen.
Below we can see the Highway 219 construction under way as westbound Q217 rolls down to the river's edge. Today the "completed" superhighway section is only a few miles long, like most of the 219 route. The rest is basically two lane for hundreds of miles. I have not done it yet but I bet that the new overpass provides pretty good shots of eastbounds winding along the river. If anyone has a shot like that, send it in!!!
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