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Pictures taken during video projects.
Interesting images from road trips.

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Photographer Will "MountainGoat" Holloway poses in front of Seattle's landmark Kingdome on March 26th, 2000, moments before its dramatic destruction in an unbelievable implosion by Controlled Demolition Inc. We taped the event in widescreen for upconversion to HDTV using two state of the art, D-9 camcorders, and also captured the event in standard definition, television format with a third digital camcorder.
The first explosive charges sever the concrete and rebar of the roof and vertical support columns. The sound was incredible and the shock waves passed right through us. Thousands of people came to see the implosion.
The dust cloud eventually covered the entire downtown Seattle area in fine concrete powder. The Kingdome implosion has to be one of the most intense visual and auditory experiences I have had. Just incredible!
We shoot with digital state of the art broadcast formats like HD, HDV, DVCPRO, DVCAM, D-9, P2 from Panasonic and XDCAM from Sony. Amazing picture quality in both standard and widescreen formats, plus four channels of DAT quality audio.
A beautiful spring day in downtown Seattle, makes for great shooting.

Or a trip into the rainforests of New Zealand. We will shoot anywhere.

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