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Welcome to our catalog page. Here you will see some box shots as well as some stills from the videos. Brief descriptions of each program are included. Most of these programs were entirely shot and produced by Iron Horse America and they will have the IHA logo on them. Some were shot and edited for the Pentrex label, and some were created using stock footage from the cameras of IHA only, and edited by Pentrex.

We have just begun production again on new tapes and will be delivering a whole new line of products in the year 2002. Iron Horse America hopes you will enjoy the new tapes as they come out and we apologize for taking so long.

INTO THE ALLEGHENY RANGE, Volume 4 - SANDPATCH GRADE . CSX's Sandpatch Grade, in western Pennsylvania is one of the most popular railfanning sites in the eastern U.S. Heavy tonnage, high density traffic, and grueling mountain grades are trademarks of this famous ex-Baltimore & Ohio route.

In this exciting production, which was taped over a four year period, you'll see a multitude of trains at familiar landmarks as well as the rarely seen west slope, in all seasons of the year. Many of the locomotives are seen sporting their pre-CSX paint schemes from various predecessor railroads. Visit towers, tunnels, obscure branchlines, and see the last train to ever run on the old Berlin Subdivision out of Garrett PA. You''ll even ride on a pusher engine shoving an Eastbound freight from Connellsville PA, up the west slope to the summit at Sand Patch PA. It's the ultimate CSX mountain railroading experience.

4 hours two tape set, stereo natural sound and narration. Only $39.95 COMING SOON TO DVD.

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

INTO THE ALLEGHENY RANGE, Volume 3 - THE WEST END . The West End has been called The Meanest Mountain Railroad in the eastern United States. This legendary route crosses the Eastern Continental divide from Cumberland Maryland to Grafton West Virginia. Four steep grades of up to 2.8% make helper engines necessary over an incredible 66 mile district.

Once the domain of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the West End, also known as the Mountain Subdivision, is now owned by CSX Transportation. Travel along all 101 miles of the Mountain Sub. with Iron Horse America! You'll see nonstop freight action from trackside and in the cab from Cumberland to Grafton. Coal trains and mixed freights look fantastic battling the grades of the Allegheny mountains in late fall and early spring, but the highlight of the show is the incredible winter footage. You'll see winter railroading at it's toughest as CSX keeps freight moving in spite of heavy blizzards.

This two-tape set, which was shot in cooperation with CSX, brings you the fantastic sights and sounds of Allegheny mountain railroading; twisting mountain curves, and long, heavy trains grinding towards the summits, helper engines at full throttle. You'll love every minute of INTO THE ALLEGHENY RANGE Vol.3 , THE WEST END!.

3 1/2 hours two tape set, Stereo natural sound and narration. $39.95 COMING TO DVD SOON

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

INTO THE ALLEGHENY RANGE, Volume 2 - CUMBERLAND. Cumberland Maryland sits strategically at the eastern base of the Allegheny mountains. 150 years ago, the B&O Railroad reached Cumberland and constructed a large terminal to support operations over its two legendary grades west of Cumberland: the West End and Sand Patch.

Iron Horse America visited the Cumberland Terminal in 1992 and 1993 to take an in-depth look at how B&O's successor, CSX Transportation, runs the railroad. You'll enjoy inside views of active railroad towers, (that are closed today) hump yard operations, the freight car maintenance shop, and the locomotive servicing complex.

Interspersed with this detailed look at the Cumberland Terminal, you'll see bustling mainline action in the town of Cumberland. A variety of trains pass through and are switched at the Baltimore Street interlocking. At the same time CSX F-units are preparing an excursion train for a trip over the mountains. You're even treated to a ride on a steam locomotive as the town celebrates the Terminal's 150th Anniversary!

So look forward to a fascinating tour of the B&O's famous terminal and a fast paced conclusion as we visit Cumberland Maryland, in Volume 2 of Into The Allegheny Range.

80 minutes, Stereo natural sound and narration. $19.95 AVAILABLE ON DVD FROM PENTREX

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

INTO THE ALLEGHENY RANGE, Volume 1 - HANCOCK TO CUMBERLAND. This is the first in the exciting series of productions by Iron Horse America covering the former Baltimore and Ohio Railroad mainlines crossing the Allegheny mountains of the eastern United States.

This two tape set, which was shot in cooperation with CSX, takes you on an extensive tour of the CSX mainline that follows the Potomac river between Hancock, West Virginia and Cumberland, Maryland. This Busy ex-B&O double track mainline twists its way through the valleys and hills of the Alleghenies. The highlight of our tour is the astonishing Magnolia Cutoff-an incredible piece of railroad engineering! Four double track tunnels, two huge bridges, several massive cuts and fills, and a pair of gigantic retaining walls enabled the B&O to gain passage through the Green Ridge of the Alleghenies between Orleans Crossing and Okonoko, West Virginia.

This fantastic region, with its beautiful scenery and heavy train traffic, has long been a favorite railfan site. The entire 55 mile route is covered in exhaustive detail and through all four seasons. You'll enjoy the sights and sounds of hundreds of trains working through sun, rain, and snow in this exciting presentation.

3 hours, two tape set, stereo natural sound and narration. $39.95 AVAILABLE NOW ON DVD FROM PENTREX

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

Shot for and edited by Pentrex, this exciting video highlights two weeks of steam action in the Pacific Northwest during the summer of 1996. To celebrate the grand reopening of Portland's Union Station, the Southern Pacific "Daylight" engine 4449 was brought out to run an excursion to Vancouver BC over the BN. The big SP&S steamer was also brought out of the Portland roundhouse to make an appearance at the station celebration, along with other steam and diesel locomotives.

We were there for the whole event and got an astounding amount of footage of the excursion. This tape is available now from PENTREX or directly from IHA.

30 minutes, color, stereo, natural sound and narration.

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

In the winter of 1995, encroaching interstate construction, and a desire by the railroad to streamline local operations meant the end of an era for Fort Worth Texas railroading. Tower 55 was going to close! We packed our cameras down to the "Lonestar" state and spent a week shooting trains around the busy junction and viewing operations inside the tower. Tower 55 may be the busiest interlocking tower we will ever visit, as over 105 moves a day went by. You will see trains of Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Amtrak, and Santa Fe, all banging across the diamonds or squealing around the curves of the junction.

Today the tower is closed and the main railroads have gone through huge merger changes, but the junction at Tower 55 is still busy. Get this tape and see what it was like before the west had only two railroads!

48 minutes, color, stereo natural sound and narration.

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

BURLINGTON NORTHERN'S CRAWFORD HILL. Visit one of today's best kept railroad secrets: Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill. Impressive brute force power is required to get coal and freight trains over this 13-mile stretch of heavy tonnage mainline located in scenic northwestern Nebraska.

Over 40 trains a day, most requiring helper engines, battle steep grades, s-curves, and even back-to-back horseshoe curves! Watch a wide variety of locomotives including C-30- 7's, SD40-2's, GP30's, Oakway SD-60's, and the latest SD70MAC's growl up hills, through sweeping curves, and deep rock cuts. Even the red, white, and blue painted "Desert Storm" locomotive #1991 makes several appearances for our cameras.

Spectacular scenery, intense mainline action, and a display of sheer locomotive horsepower makes this a must have video. Don't miss the action on Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill!

70 minutes, stereo natural sound and narration. $29.95 AVAILABLE SOON IN DVD along with the new post merger sequel and an HD show at Crawford!

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

This is one of our most popular tapes. In fact there will be a sequel later this year! SO ORDER CRAWFORD HILL NOW to see what the hill was like before BNSF, and in the sequel you'll get even more action after the merger! Owners of this show will get a discount off of the new program when it is released! Also in the works is an all new HIGH DEF program about Crawford Hill!!!
MARC RAILROADING SUMMER 1994. Get ready to visit MARC, one of the most unique commuter railroads in America! The summer of 1994 was a great time to visit MARC territory between Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Hagerstown Maryland. The railroad's locomotive roster still included an aging fleet of cab units, soon to be replaced by newer diesels.

First we visit the shops in Brunswick and Baltimore, Maryland to see the MARC locomotives. Then we take a fast paced cab ride down the Northeast Corridor to Washington D.C. After an exciting session of train watching on the platforms of Union Station, we hop into the cab of ex-Burlington Northern E-unit #68 and ride to Baltimore on the CSX Camden Line. Then we travel the MARC system to enjoy the action at many well known locations. You'll see plenty of action of the E's, F's and MARC's newer locomotives, along with some freight action from CSX on their mainlines, and Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express on the North East Corridor. For an exciting look at great passenger railroading, here's MARC in the summer of 1994.

85 minutes, stereo natural sound and narration. $19.95 AVAILABLE SOON ON DVD.

To Order: Call PENTREX at 1-800-950-9333

THIS TAPE IS NOT JUST FOR EAST COAST FANS. If you like older diesels or high speed cab rides this tape is for you. It also has interesting freight trains, and electric action on the N.E.C. Check it out.


- BNSF's Fallbridge Subdivision. 2 hours on DVD. Shot entirely by IHA.

- Union Pacific's Portland Subdivision. 2 hours on DVD. Shot entirely by IHA.


- Daylight 4449 and UP 844 team up for excursions in the Pacific Northwest in 2007. DVD 2 hours shot partially by IHA, and edited by Pentrex.

All purchases made by customers who shop via our website MAY BE eligible for one free Iron Horse America DEMO reel, that highlights exciting railroad clips from around the US and Canada. This 15 minute tape is available with purchase of one or more feature length IHA tapes, or can be bought separately for $5.oo
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