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Montana in the summer. What else can you ask for? Great railroading, pretty scenery and little sunflowers in full bloom. Here a 5 unit Montana Rail Link helper set descends from Bozeman Summit near Livingston, Mt.
30 miles west of Buffalo, NY a flagman waves to an eastbound Conrail hotshot as it races past his work gang.
In the last seconds of July sunlight a westbound empties drag heads back to the Powder River Basin for more coal. UP trains like the one here pass this old windmill about 50 times or more every day on this busy line between Shawnee Jct., Wyoming and Morrill, Nebraska.
The summer of 2000 brought with it record dry weather, which in turn brought wildfires. In the top photo, saturation of smoke in the sky provides a colorful sunset near Bozeman, Montana as light engines head for Helena from the Livingston shops. Above a single fire dirties the skies on Winston hill east of Helena as an eastbound climbs the grade. 6 years earlier at the same spot , another eastbound splits the (now gone), semaphores under the murky skies just before a tornado passed through the area.
Another tornado hits the ground near railroad tracks, but this one is in the form of a "snow jet" one of the first lines of defense against Buffalo, New York blizzards. Conrail employed many of these in the north east to clean their right-of-ways.
The rolling meadowlands east of Toronto, Ontario is host to the paired mainlines of CP and CN, and it is great train watching territory since both lines are busy. A similar area exists west of Buffalo, New York where Conrail (Now CSX) and Norfolk Southern have busy parallel mains, and they roll through farmland and small towns. The above photos were taken at Newtonville, Ont. and Silver Creek, NY respectively.
More parallel mains can be found along the Washington/Oregon border with BNSF and UP, but here there's a lot of water between them. The Columbia river gorge is a great place to railfan, or in this case be chased by a westbound BNSF freight.
One landmark that can only be found along the west coast and especially the North West is the volcano. Above a southbound garbage train nears Tacoma, Washington with the giant Mt Rainier looming behind. AT LEFT: Another garbage train, this time an eastbounder roars up the Columbia River with Oregon's Mt Hood in the distance.
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